The Terratrac website was built to be an interface to the TTCI Rail Component Tracking project. This project involves tagging specific components of a rail car with RFID tags to facilitate the asset tracking process for the rail industry. Terratrac is the web interface for the reader initiatives. This website allows for TTCI to monitor the progress and performance of the current TTCI RFID transponder demonstration test on railroad freight car components.

There are several companies working together on this project. IDT Services is working with Quatrotec/Alien Technologies piloting RFID systems with the American Association of Railroads to demonstrate the next generation of AEI/RFID technology at the test track in Pueblo, Colorado.

Quatrotec, a specialized professional services and technology firm, was created to address safety, security, and logistics mandates by “bringing innovation and value engineering to government and private sector clients.” Visit their site

Also working on the project is Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI), “a world-class transportation research and testing organization, providing emerging technology solutions for the railway industry throughout North America and the world.” Visit their site

Texas A & M's RFID and sensor lab has also given assistance with the Terratrac project. Visit their site