Professional research

We are dedicated to the investigation, development, testing, and evaluation of the problems facing our clients. Through our research we can gain a better understanding and therefore give a better solution.


Prominent professionals

IDT employees are hand-picked, well-trained professionals who work hard to generate innovative products and solutions for our clients. All members of our team are experts in their fields and enthusiastic about the future of IDT Services.


modern technologies

Combining cutting edge technology with Creative Design our Innovation team delivers cost effective solutions to our clients. We partner with industry leaders and academic scholars to apply tomorrows technologies to today's problems. By increasing efficiency we reduce economic and environmental impact.


Hand Held AEI
The AEI hand-held reader is a hand-held, Bluetooth device that is capable of streaming AEI tag data to a phone application which generates S-918 compliant reports. The reader will increase worker efficiency and safety and will dramatically increase consist accuracy in rail yards.
Mile Post App
The Mile Post application uses Android or Blackberry phone's internal GPS to find your exact location and find the closest railroad mile post to that specific location. The application allows you to map your location and the nearest mile post.