our locations

Caliente, NV

Located in southeastern Nevada, Caliente is home to the headquarters of IDT Services. Rich in railroad and energy history, Caliente proved to be the perfect place for innovation in these sectors. Located North of Las Vegas and just West of Utah, IDT is perfectly located to service its federal government and transportation clients. Our office is well prepared to handle all of our clients needs with friendly staff to answer any questions or concerns.

Cedar City, Utah

Located in south-central Utah, Cedar City has been an optimal place for our team of experts to reside. The local university, Southern Utah University, is located near our office which has helped IDT fulfill one of its prominent goals to promote and work closely with institutions of higher education. The unique culture of Cedar City creates an environment where new ideas can incubate and foster. Surrounded by national parks and brimming with various cultural activities, Cedar City is a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. Our office is well-equipped to handle the needs of our clients, and visitors are always welcome.

A Few Words About Us

IDT is a small SBA certified HUBZone business with over a decade of transportation experience located in Caliente, Nevada and Cedar City, Utah. Since 1997 IDT has been gaining a reputation for innovative solutions to complex national problems. Initially focused in Technical Administrative and Support contracts, IDT has employed over 200 PhD's working on various Department of Energy and Defense projects. In 2005, after being named as the #2 small business in Nevada by Diversity Inc., IDT began working with Thinkify,the industry leader in RFID solutions, and Union Pacific, North Americas largest railroad, to create the next generation AEI/RFID reader. Uniquely positioned with proprietary software and hardware solutions, IDT continues to create and implement innovative solutions for the transportation sector.

IDT's key objectives are to provide comprehensive, cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions on time and within budget. Organizations use IDT's products and services to provide high-tech solutions with real-world utilization. IDT is open to providing service to organizations by helping them unearth solutions to the various problems they face.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose IDT Services to assist in a company's projects. Cost reduction, experience, innovative ideas, and a successful history are a few examples of why clients have chosen us in the past. Our innovative solutions are focused on reducing the expenses of our clients by helping them get their jobs done more efficiently and accurately. These solutions help get rid of expensive licensing fees and reduce the work load of valuable employees.

All employees at IDT are hand-picked based on the skills and experience they have. With a team-oriented work environment, we promote ideas and encourage innovation. We work hard for those who matter most: our clients.