Class I Mainline Rail AEI Reader System (T300)

Our AEI Reader System T300 series has been extensively tested throughout North America on mainline, industrial leads and yards. What sets apart the T300 is that it is a more self-contained unit, can be used in pairs, and has a built-in antenna. These functionalities make this particular reader ideal for use in indoor locations. These readers use advanced power management, including smart charging, failure notification, and optional temperature modules. As the system health and diagnostics settings are completely customizable, guess work has thus been taken out of incident response. AEI readers are about the size of a small novel, so they can be used in places that previous systems could not. Also, these readers are TCP/IP based and have all the functionality that goes along with today's network appliances as there are Telnet, FTP Direct File Transfer, and Email options for file and system health information. Because all functions are managed through the web browser, there is no need for special software or training. Beyond the technicalities of AEI readers, they use about the same amount of power as a 40 W light bulb, and advanced power management options make it perfect for use with solar energy. This not only assists the environment but also minimizes the cost of owning and operating the readers. Brochure